Orca safety buoy with hydratation bladder pocket

Swimming Aids

Orca offers a variety of swimming accessories to ensure that your needs are met and that's you're the first one out of the water.
This new safety buoy provides support while swimming, visibility, storage and now, a comfortable and safe way to carry your hydration with you.


The Hydratation Bladder Safety Buoy is specifically designed to fit your hydration bladder and keep you hydrated throughout your swims or trainings. It has an exterior pocket and an opening for the tube and thanks to the fastener, the mouthpiece can be adjusted to facilitate hydration.

The watertight compartment is perfect for storing your valuables to keep them safe and dry.

The high-visibility orange color will keep you visible in the water to lifeguards and boats.

Thanks to its adjustable strap, you can swim in open water without limiting your performance.

Note: Hydration bladder not included.
This buoy is not a life-saving device. Open water swimming is a dangerous sport. Never swim alone and always take a life-saving device with you.