Bullpadel Elite W racket

The new Bullpadel Elite racket will be the perfect colleague for the new incorporation Gemma Triay. A new teardrop shaped mould, to develop all the Gemma’s attack potential but with a medium balance to control its power. The throat features a reinforcement on the lateral sides to achieve a better racket’s inertia movement. In this way, we will obtain a considerable strength to improve the torsion produced when shooting. We have introduced edges on the upper part of the throat with the intention of obtaining a concavity that absorbs the tension which could be produced in each shot. Our last technology, AIR REACT CHANNEL, provides a lightness and aerodynamics extra point. The Vibradrive, an elastomer that crosses along the grip and avoids vibrations turns the ELITE into the most technological racket among her line.


  • Weight aprox: 345-360 g
  • Profile: 38 mm
  • Balance: medium
  • Shape: tear
  • Exterior core: Fibrix
  • Player: expert adult
  • Power/Control: 95/95



Bullpadel develops Fibrix, a hybrid fibre composed of X-Glass and carbon. This bi-directional composite is fused with a more elastic resin than usual to give the core more flexibility and elasticity.


The new MultiEva consists of two densities: the outer layer of rubber is more compact, reacts to fast balls and offers more power. The lower density inner layer responds to slower balls and offers more control in the stroke.


Vibradrive is a peg mounting system in which a highly elastic piece of rubber is inserted into the peg, splitting it in half. This piece absorbs most of the vibrations produced in the game, especially on off-centre shots.


Consists of a 100% carbon blade frame construction with bi-directional interlocking. This construction provides the blades with maximum mechanical response, ensuring a perfect compromise between power and control.