Mizuno Wave Rider 25 woman

Pushing forward since '97

The Wave Rider was born in 1997 and its smooth ride has been loved by many runners all over the world. Mizuno Enerzy in the midsole provides soft landing and smooth toe-off. And pararel shaped Mizuno Wave guide the runners to the correct road-path.
The Wave Rider 25 marks the smoothest in 25 years history.

Target consumer
For every day running, from beginners to runners training for marathons. For neutral runners who prefer a light, propulsive shoe.


  • Mizuno Enerzy throughout the entire midsole to provide excellent cushioning and energy return.
  • Mizuno Wave, combining cushioning and stability, supports forward propulsion and provides a dynamic feel.
  • The new form of Mizuno Wave allows for a balance of stability withe the softness of Mizuno Enerzy.
  • AW 21' update, total new.
  • Real weight: 248 g (Uk w 7).
  • Drop: 12 mm (19/31 mm).


Mizuno Wave
Inspired by nature, Wave is a unique midsole technology that provides both cushioning and stability. Wave's unique shape absorbs and disperses the impact at foot strike, which results in a smoother, more cushioned fell on every step.

Dynamotion Fit
The DynamotionFit system uses highly advanced motion capture and biomechanics technology. Mizuno has developed a design blueprint to engineer shoes that work with your foot throughout the gait cycle.

Mizuno Enerzy
Provides a well cushioned landing with amazing energy return. This midsole material surpasses all expectations of comfort set by previous materials.

Premium Insock
A high-grade removable insock for comfort and cushioning.

Breathable and cool, Airmesh allows each running shoe from Mizuno to maintain a high standard of breathability and comfort of the upper.

Smooth Ride
An engineered approach to minimise the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the foot during transition, creating the smoothest ride possible.

Durability and Traction. X-10 is an extremely durable Mizuno carbon rubber that allows for longer wear in high impact areas and gives more traction at the heel strike.

The new Mizuno upper technology holds the foot stable during the run for a secure fit and an unrivalled comfort. A soft fabric mesh stretches and wraps around the foot to create the most comfortable ride.