Jaked Katana FWSO W one piece jammer swimwear

Women's race suit made entirely of bi-elastic fiber, to ensure optimum performance for both sports competitions and frequent workouts.

The next-generation model, with its open back and cut off at the knees, was thought up by J-Lab researchers to better support the swimmer in every phase of the competition.

Following industry trends, JKATANA FWSO suit has been of plain-coloured, iridescent and shiny material. The cutting-edge fabrics have been tested by world-class athletes and chosen because they are able to minimize the friction and the 'slip' into the water.

This goal was achieved through the abolition of seams: the thread is replaced with heat-sealable tape to enable highly mechanical sealing and a hydrophobic ACQUAsuACQUA finishing.

A very light suit (145 gr / m2) with differentiated compression and ergonomic cuts that offer the necessary comfort during races.


  • 48% PA - 40% EA - 12% PL