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CEP Neon Compression Mid Cut woman socks

CEP Neon Compression Mid Cut woman socks CEP Neon Compression Mid Cut woman socks
CEP Neon Compression Mid Cut woman socks
CEP Neon Compression Mid Cut woman socks

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Trendy mid-cut length, neon colors and the activating effect of medi compression

Enjoy the unmatched wearing comfort of the Neon Compression Mid Cut Socks and their stabilizing effect! You’ll also love all the details of these short compression socks such as the innovative blend of materials, optimized fit and integrated cushioning zones.

Deep sensory stimulation for greater stability
The foot and ankle can be a potential weak spot for runners, making them susceptible to injuries. The compressive pressure counteracts this problem with a lasting effect through deep sensory stimulation, which in turn stabilizes your joints. This reduces your risk of injury – and with it the likelihood of unwanted breaks in training.

High-tech fabric and close fit for blister protection
The close fit of the Neon Compression Mid Cut Socks has another positive effect in combination with the elastic fabric: It minimizes friction and helps prevent blisters. Exceptional breathability and excellent heat and moisture management provide targeted support. Shock-absorbing, anatomically positioned padded zones ensure superior running comfort.

Bright neon colors for a modern look
Last but not least: In addition to great functionality, these compression socks also have a cool design. Their neon colors are on trend with other sportswear and they feature an eye-catching design. Choose from a variety of bright neon colors.

Take advantage of the functional features and freshen up your outfit with neon accents!


  • The medi compression effect stabilizes your joints and reduces your risk of injury during high-intensity training.
  • An anatomical design and close fit help prevent blisters.
  • Perfectly positioned padded zones in the foot increase cushioning in key anatomical areas.
  • Material: 86% Polyamide, 14% Spandex.

Made in Germany.


Medi Compression
Medi compression ensures ultra-precise compression control by incorporating a compression thread into every stitch row of the product to provide targeted compression exactly where it’s needed.

Best Clima
A balanced blend of materials for warm and cold temperatures that perfectly adapts to your unique athletic challenge. The use of hydrophilic materials ensures rapid moisture wicking and unmatched wearing comfort. Integrated filament yarns make the fabric extremely durable.


II34 - 372,5 - 4,54,5 - 6,5
III37 - 404,5 - 6,56,5 - 8,5
IV40 - 436,5 - 98,5 - 11
*For the correct garment treatment, please follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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