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Orca High Visibility fins 2019

Orca High Visibility fins 2019


£ 25.86
The Orca fins are designed to improve your kicking technique and ankle movement. They increase overall stamina and strengthen the muscles you use to kick, whilst helping to achieve a more natural a...
Fins Jaked Evo 2019

Fins Jaked Evo 2019


£ 16.53
Jaked half flippers for swimming and training in the pool. Made from rubber with the Jaked logo in contrast on the front, these high-quality items are designed to provide corect support to athlete...
Aqua Sphere Alpha Pro MP fins 2019

Aqua Sphere Alpha Pro MP fins 2019

Aqua Sphere

£ 21.58
Alpha Pro Fins are 70% lighter than the traditional swim fins and designed to mimic a swimmers natural competitive kicking tempo with an asymmetrical short blade design. "A lot of the fins out the...
Tyr Striker Silicone fins

Tyr Striker Silicone fins


£ 34.60
Train hard, train smart with TYR Stryker Silicone Fins Engineered to promote short, quick movement through the legs and the feet, the TYR Stryker fins help swimmers to create the natural flow of a...

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